Self Talk with Rachel Astarte

Self Talk #100: INTERVIEW: Abdi Assadi, Spiritual Counselor and Healer

June 05, 2023 Rachel Astarte Season 1 Episode 100
Self Talk with Rachel Astarte
Self Talk #100: INTERVIEW: Abdi Assadi, Spiritual Counselor and Healer
Self Talk with Rachel Astarte
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Show Notes


Join me in this special, one-hour interview with Abdi Assadi, a remarkable healer and counselor I've had the privilege to know and work with for over a decade.


The whole woke movement is an extension of this culture's narcissism on steroids... Woke is a fortification of the head. Awake is a softening of the ego and an opening of the heart.
—Abdi Assadi

Abdi Assadi is a spiritual counselor and healer with four decades of clinical experience in acupuncture, body-centered psychotherapy, indigenous shamanic practices, and many meditative techniques. He is also a practitioner of internal and external martial arts. The real crux of Abdi’s work is integrating the human shadow, the disowned parts of ourselves that cause much of our disease and dysfunction.

In this episode, Abdi and I delve into some unpopular territory—questioning the virtues of the "woke movement" and considering its ultimate deleterious effects on our psyches and spirits.

Instead, Abdi offers the alternative of being "awake," so that we are "seeing—and more importantly feeling—of the whole while having compassion and love for those that have a different or damaged way of seeing… "

We also talk about individuation—what it means to be a true ally, and how to stay awake in a woke culture.

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